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Clownfisch (Amphiprion ocellaris) in einer Anemone


reefness coral ecosystems are self-sufficient. They are carefully designed by our experienced team and therefore offer long-standing optical and emotional enjoyment. Each organism is carefully selected with a special attention placed on biological sustainability. Through this selection process our experts are able to build not only a beautiful coral arrangement, but one that will last for decades.

The Procedure

The reefness regular maintenance is a multistep process:

Water tests are regularly taken to analyze the overall health and well-being of the aquatic biology. Next our technicians examine each individual living specimen and determine it’s health. Finally we examine the overall technical well-being of the system (e.g. pumps, lamps, feeding machines, etc.) and clean the plates. Naturally our experts are always available to the answer any of your questions.

The servicing intervals are different from creation to creation and depending on aquarium size, technical system and physical coral maintenance, can range from once a day to once a month.

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