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Aquariumbau von Profis: Meerwasseraquarium der reefness Exklusivlinie


From day one our technology allows you to dive right into your design. Through scale drawings and lifelike 3D simulations our designers and engineers can provide a realistic simulation before the building even begins. Once approved, our marine flora and fauna experts artfully prepare your coral world. Upon completion our highly skilled installation team will transport and install your entire coral world. reefness guarantees the highest levels of quality at each phase of your coral world creation.

The System

Every seawater aquarium consists of a visible aquarium and an additional aquarium for the consistent water cycle (the biology aquarium). In this second aquarium our cutting edge technology maintains and processes biological functions similar to those found in a natural saltwater environment. Our interior design team often places this second aquarium in a second room, allowing for ultimate flexibility in placement of your custom coral creation.

The most essential components from technical view are:

  • Tropical lighting
  • Current and circulation
  • Regulation of the tropical water temperature

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